And some of y’all don’t understand how much it takes for me to put myself out there and socialize with people after staying in my shell for years.

why does the universe remind me of you every single day if it's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN

I need a mind wipe to wipe away this crush

i'm literally out here comparing myself to this gorgeous girl who's not only sweet and super kind, but radiates beauty on the inside and out. here I am, feeling ugly because of it. and I hate myself for the comparison, for the jealousy. I hate how it makes me feel

hey, it’s me again

just thinking about you per usual

I love you

i couldn't help but stare at his hands. he has beautiful hands.

even his hands give me butterflies. i'm hopeless.

I had a dream we went on a trip together. Just us. I think it was Italy.

Nothing remotely sexual happened. Maybe I stared a little bit, all the time (even dream me is infatuated with you).

Any time you'd point something out, I'd listen to you closely and stare at what you talked about. You looked at me the whole time.

We were so close by the end of the trip, and the dream was so real, I woke up thinking you were in a hotel room next door, ready for our next mid morning lets-get-lost adventure.

you weren't there.

I miss you a little and I wish I didn’t think about it

If only I could read your mind..... after all, it’s not a typical situation where I can just ask you...

...In fact, lately I play this game (mental exercise?) where I imagine that I can ask your mind 3 things without you knowing, and I’d hear your voice in my mind with the complete, honest, real answers. i always word my questions so carefully... but usually can not get them down to just 3.

This is what I have been reduced to. Sigh.

there are plenty of fish in the sea






  but see this fish 👆 this is the only fish i want.

its my fish