Think about this:

Your soulmate...will be the stranger you recognize.

"The reason why i love you? There is no reason. There should be no reason. If you love someone because of a reason, when that reason is gone, your heart will change too."

^After reading that my mind blew up. I have always love my crush for no apparent reason. People always ask me "why do you love him? maybe by knowing why you love him you could get over him". Thats my problem...idk why i love him, i never did. I just do. As simple as that. Whenever we talk and whenever i look at him, i get this inmense feeling that is unexplainable, i get this feeling because...i just do. I dont have a reason why i fell for him. I didnt choose to fall for him. I wish i didnt fall for him. There is absolutely no specific reason why i love him.

I love him without a reason. I love him because he is him.

-Diary Of A Hopeless Romantic

if I’m being completely honest, I feel like healthy love is kind of overlooked, if that makes sense. maybe I’m just being melodramatic, but I never found anything beautiful in the ”I need you to be happy”, “you’re the one good thing I have in my life” kind of mentality, you know? I was there once, I think, dry-sobbing against the grimy pink wall of a school bathroom because a boy wanted to talk to my friends and not me and my first thought was that I would never be worthy of love. those thoughts went downhill fast, to the point where I don’t want to talk about them even when I’m anonymous.

can we talk about happy mindsets relating more to love? let's think about how we were always good enough, but the people we love just remind us of it in their own unique ways. let's talk about all the good our loves inspire us to do, all that they do for us. how, again, we are not defined by who wants to kiss us and who we want to spend our time with.

I don't know how to put it exactly, to be honest. anybody else know what I mean?

Okay so I’m an Insecure Teen and my entire life I’ve always felt... okay looking. I’ve gotten like a couple compliments on my appearance before and they were flattering but they didn’t really sink in? I just didn’t see it?

But earlier today I looked at myself randomly in a mirror and my hair wasn’t tucked behind my ears like usual and I looked so... cute? Like it feels weird and vain to say that but like I looked really good!

Anyway hopefully this means 2018 is off to a good start to combatting insecurity!!!! 😊😊😊

I was always convinced that no one could really have a crush on me but now I’m like... you never know! I hope everyone on this site has a moment like this soon if they haven’t! �

-Slightly Less Insecure Teen

It's not like he's the missing piece to my puzzle. I was complete before he came along. He's more like the frame that encloses me, and lets me display on the wall. He doesn't make my life whole; he adds to it.

2018: the year we send emotionally vulnerable texts and then immediately throw our phones across the room

You don’t have to be getting beaten up or cheated on for someone to not be right for you.

Someone can be a wonderful, kind, fantastic human but just not be the right human being for you - and that’s ok.

I don’t think we’re told that enough. Don’t settle.

I think I realized what love is when I shoveled out my car on a windy cold day just so that I could see my friend's show. Then my friends all cancelled on me and I got sick, but I still went. Love isn't always big romantic gestures. It's just putting someone else first.

You cauterized my broken bleeding heart with the glowing embers in your eyes. The fire you hide inside needs to breathe once in awhile. Let it out. Singe the skin of my lips, it's okay I can bear the pain. I will wear the flames until it thaws the ice in my veins and fights away the frost on my face. We can find balance in a world that fluctuates. I love you little songbird.

Tin Man

i woke up with my heart rusty and scattered in the roof of my mouth, dreaming that you sent me exactly eleven texts stuttering over missing me--

but that's not how life works, really. i'm the type of person who blends so seamlessly into your life you forget i was ever there in the first place, and you probably don't miss me at all.

still, i wish you did.