I think I was interested in you only because I was in love with your potential. I was in love with the story. Perfect strangers are like blank pieces of paper. The writer in me made you into what I wanted you to be.

-coffee cups


My friends don't like you, you are kind of loud, you are really competitive.


I love you

It's really hard to be in love with someone who's in love with someone else.

I can't stop mourning the loss of what might have been

Hearing you laugh makes me so happy...

I really want to run my fingers through your hair

To you, dear stranger reading this:

have a nice day.

you can do it.

remember to be kind with yourself.

grab the opportunities that comes your way.

your dreams can be reached, it's not too far and you can make it come true

there's a place for you in this world.

there's someone waiting for you.

there's someone wishing hard to know you in person.

you're wanted.

there's a buddy of yours hoping you'd visit him/her one day.


be okay and be safe~

One day a "love you" will just slip out and then... I dunno. I'd probably say oops, give you a sad smile, and leave.

sometimes, I’m like. fuck the stars man. fuck what the universe wants. I want you. There isn’t anyone else. It’s you.

you drive me wild ?