For what it's worth, my heart still stops every time I see someone who looks even a bit like you.

When I look at you my heart pounds so hard that I'm worried you might hear it one day.

If I ever got a chance to hold your hand I don't know if I'd ever be able to let go.

Hi. I like you. I want to kiss your face and make you feel like you're important.

Because you are.

To me.

*cute pharmacy assistant is working*

*gets prescription for foot fungus*

The only thing that could make me stay in this city is you.

How do I explain to my soul that you are gone, when all it does is ask for you?

I confessed to her. And she invited me to go together to the fireworks festival next month.

so do boys text back or is that just a myth

I know you prefer girls with long hair, so guess what I did?

I cut my hair because I like short hair.