Do you ever like someone for no apparent good reason?

You've given me no reason to think you'd ever truly like me back, and I don't even remember when I started to like you. You were just there all of a sudden, someone I knew before and never saw, but now I see and realize I've never known.

Stop staring into my eyes so intently. Stop smiling at me. Stop challenging me in conversations when I like to debate. Stop making me laugh. I hate how you have such power over the way my heart beats inside my chest and I feel I have no right to even try to talk to you.

I hate how I don't know you at all, and yet I care about you so much and wish you saw me like I see you.

Love can feel so soft yet so dangerous.

This guy can single handedly make or break my day.

I guess this is trust

How could the word love encompass this feeling I have? It sounds so inadequate. It simply won't do.

It's so much more.

I would choose you in every single scenario, lifetime, whatever it may be. I am yours and you are mine.

I have never been the one to vocally express my emotions. But, you do. With every word you carefully choose, with how you carefully structure it, you say it so poetically and with such devotion. Who wouldn't fall for such a charmer?

It's with you I've learnt that words can be powerful too. To fill the silence that bridges the gap of a connection. To express the unexpressable emotions through a string of words.

Thank you, my love.

Believe me when I say this.

It will get better, maybe not right now or really quickly as one would hope. But you will find that person that you couldn't even dream of having, because they are so much better than anyone you can dream of having. Do not settle. Have heart and hope. Learn to love yourself and have patience.

Our school is doing valentine grams where if you buy one they'll send a flower to your crush with a message on it or you can choose for it to be sent anonymously without a message.

I wonder what it'd be like to shower her with roses. I'd imagine her sitting in class and dozens of students pouring in from all the doors in the room to bring her roses from an anonymous lover. There'd literally be so much red in the room Mars would feel insecure. And she'd just have this adorably suprised look on her face, a half smile half shock. Seeing that moment would make my day.

Heck it'd probably make my year too.

The worst part is she wouldn't guess it was me who sent them.

There is "before you" and there is "after you"

You have forever changed my life in the most wonderful way.

im sorry i look at you with so much love, i can't help it.

Hey, I love you no matter if we are speaking or not for whatever reasons.

Sometimes the most beautiful stories are stories of friendship.

I don’t have to be in love with you to love you.


I don't want to love you from far away anymore. Please won't you try for me? I know the world is a disorienting mess, I know that it can be hard... but life is short, and I want to spend my time with you, and I wish with all my aching self that that meant something to you