Hours were minutes in your company.

Hey, you. Yeah, you reading this. I am a potato and I have no clue why you like me.

I like you. I like you happy and I like you sad.

It’s time to hang up my hat and come to terms with what’s in front of me. It’ll be easier in my heart this way. It’s just so tired. 29 years is a long time to live in a fantasy. It’s time time to come to terms with reality.

if it's not meant to be why do I still feel like this?

You looked like you felt it but you never said it. So I was unsure of what it was as well...

in the middle of this pandemic, i wonder about you more. in your corner of the world, i hope you're safe and healthy. i hope you're surrounded by your loved ones. take care and be well, and don't curse me for still caring for you.

I made the mistake of looking at your social media. It used to be fine. I'd see your pictures and smile. But just now, it made me want to cry. You have no idea how you've captured my heart, as cheesy as it sounds.

I hope you're happy. I really, truly do. You deserve it. I just miss you.

To be fair, I don’t think we’ll ever see each other again.

I think about you; do you think about me too?