I had the most amazing montage dream. Showing bits and pieces of what our life could be like together. Things I'd never thought I would want until now. We were working our dream jobs. You were thriving in yours. We owned a shop together. You stopped by the workplace every day. We actually had a daughter, who you brought along every now and then. She was beautiful and had your eyes. Flash foward to the next bit. We spent mornings sleeping in together. Tracing fingers along your gorgeous face, smiling, under the covers as you were saying how happy you were with this life we had. Making breakfast. Watching soccer together, playfully bantering during games. Dancing in the kitchen. Jumping up and wrapping arms and legs around you, burying my face in your neck. You were happy. We were happy. It was imperfectly perfect. Just like you. It all felt so real that I actually woke up crying a little bit. I know what my wish is in this life. And it's a life with you ♡

I miss our conversations that would go on for hours, but only felt like minutes.

Sometimes I wonder just how real the words fate, coincidence, and destiny actually are. Everything seems to be a sign that points towards you. Now I'm not the type of person to believe in shit like this, I ask for hard evidence. But ever since you've come into my life, everything is playing out as if I were in a novel. Like those stereotypical slow burns, where the main character and their love interest meet once, go on their own journeys and somehow bump into each other 24 years later at the right time.

The right time.

For us however, we haven't gotten to that part of the story yet. I've been doing some.. well, a lot, of work on myself. And I've met people (after you of course) that make me feel appreciated. You just don't know it yet, but they practically know your whole life. And all the good things about you. Trying not to talk about you is like holding in my breath for a long time. I just feel the need to make more people recognize you.

I could go on and on about this, but I think I've gotten my point across.. whatever it is.

I hope you're having a good night,

See you soon

Dear you,

It's kind of funny isn't it?

Every letter here feels like there's a little bit of me in it. The little bits of me that are longing for you. I'm the best friend too afraid to confess. The ex that still misses you. The long distance that didn't make it. The one who never said a word.

Every letter written here feels like a different version of me, showing me that even in a different life I loved and love you. It's a different city, a different time, a different body. But it's the exact same feeling.

There's always a thousand ways to not end up together. Sometimes I lose you too early. Sometimes you're just too late. Is it bad to think the universe is built around us? I think it's made ways for us to meet, and then we let those moments pass through. Maybe unconsciously, we've decided to write our lives in parallel.

I can see you, on the other side of the tracks. And I love you.

And that's it, isn't it? With every part of me in these letters, in these letters, there's a little bit of you too.



Perhaps the saddest part of taking photos of the sky today is not being able to share them with you. I hope the sky is blue and bright in your side of the fence.

I will miss you for the rest of my life.

28 oct 21.

cried myself to sleep and cried the moment i woke up, thinking of you.

i guess letting go of someone who taught you the meaning of love is difficult after all. you are the one i experienced most of my firsts with, the first person i ever cherished with my whole entire being, the first one who made me feel this way.

i won't go back, and i don't want to be with you anymore. because no matter how good our connection was, i am the not the one for you and you are not the one for me. we might be meant to be, but we were never meant to last from the start.

but i still think of you. i miss your voice, your laughter. i miss your smile, i miss your smell. i miss the way you hold me and kiss me. i miss sleeping together with you.

i just miss you - simply because for a moment in time, you were my other half, my bestfriend.

it's still weird to think how i used to know whatever you were doing throughout the day. when you slept, when you were gaming, when you were eating. and now i don't even know where you are.

it will take me some time to get over this, maybe months - or maybe years. but at the end of it, i know i will get through it.

thank you for the happiest year of my life. i will continue cherishing every moment of it.

i'll see you again, my dear. and i hope by then we will both be happy, albeit individually.

im an adult now. I do budgets and productions at work and have an apartment with roommates.

High school was years ago.

I'm too old to be listening to this kinda music waiting for a text back over a guy who im not even sure im officially dating

Your dog knows all my secrets, 'cause I whisper them into his ear when you leave the room. It's all I can do to not tell you myself.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle. But it will never break.