failed attempts at getting over you: 1276847

actual successes: 0

So maybe you never said anything but you did run your fingers through my hair, you did lean in close to breathe in the scent of my shampoo. Maybe I've never felt your lips on mine but you did effortlessly kiss my cheek, and then you blushed so prettily I wanted to hold you forever. And maybe I've never been able to call you mine, but that hug lasted an eternity and when you finally pulled away you cried because you had to leave.

So maybe we've never made it explicitly clear to one another, but if you ask me it's pretty fucking obvious that we were in love. Because I've held your hand and I've pulled you close while we slept with my face burrowed into your curls, and I've traced the skin on your shoulders with as much meaning as a human can put into a gesture, and maybe we never called them dates but how could they be anything else when I felt so at home in your easy smiles and breathless laughter?

You have been my comfort and solace, my bulwark against everything life has thrown at me. The distance between us doesn't matter. Our life circumstances don't matter. Because you are my soulmate, and I'm yours, and the only thing in my life that's ever been certain is that you are my forever.

Looking at the stars doesn't compare to having one instance with you.

perpetually missing people that were never mine

can we try again please please please please please i can’t lose you i hate this awkwardness i just want to talk with you again

The saddest thing I ever did was beg someone to love me the way I loved them

Hey little songbird

I know it's been awhile

But I'm still here

Smiling at your empty cage

Holding a few loose feathers

Knowing you're okay now

Keep flying

I love you

Tin Man

Every part of my being misses your kind eyes.

im not exaggerating when i say that i love you so much. i fall for you a little more each day, especially on days when we arent okay and when i dont see you.


We always long for someone to love us. We always want someone to give their unconditional love to us. At times, I crave for something stronger everyday. We crave for love, and lust like it's our last day on earth. We crave to be touched and to be held, but at times we can't even hold ourselves up.

I remember laying in bed thinking about how i'll ever find that person who can love and hold me like i've always wanted to feel. I can't stand being alone sometimes. I can't stand seeing "the one" roam around looking for me as well. I have a fear sometimes that I might never find the one for me. You may be far away from me. Miles and miles away from me. You're probably sleeping, or you're probably reading this because you're probably just as lovesick as I am.

Don't worry. When we have our first date, I promise.. i'll make sure it'll be the last first date you'll have with someone because i'll be taking you out on millions of dates that i'll cherish forever..

We'll move in together, have a dog or two. We'll have our first meal together in our first home. Just you and I.

We'll have our first fight, and who knows who will say sorry first. I just hope we get to cuddle in bed at the end of it.

We'll have our first sad time, and I promise you.. we'll always be there for each other.

We'll lay in the stars and look up at how beautiful they are, but we all know you're much more beautiful than the stars up above.

We'll talk about our days, and our pasts, and our secrets like we're one.

Lastly, we'll grow old together, and love each other.

Don't worry.. i'm trying to find you, and once i do, i'll know you're the one.

I love you.

~ From, your future lover, K.