the audience applauded. the piece was done. and i saw you, sitting just rows away, going with the flow and clapping for the orchestra sitting onstage. slowly, the applause died, and the conductor raised her baton again, ready for the next piece. i looked over at you again. why did all the seats have to be taken? in that split second, i made a decision, and ran towards you. if sitting in the aisle meant being near you, then so be it.

"this is a sad piece," you whispered down to me.

then those blue eyes turned back to the stage, to the bows dragging across the strings, notes floating across the auditorium. stage lights hit your hair, spun gold in the darkness, your closed eyes, savoring the music, your fingers, playing the melody on an imaginary cello.

ironic, isn't it?

you wanted to watch the show,

but you were my show.


I think I'm going to use this site to pull a Lara Jean and write a bunch of letters to my crushes.

Y'all, he got a haircut and I still think he's the cutest fucking thing.

Then he got glasses. Guess what? CUTE AS FUCK

Now he styles his hair different with these aesthetic glasses and a soft boy wardrobe. It's different from his emo, punk rock style from middle school. And guess what, you guys?

I'm still head over heels.


a split second of eye contact with you across a crowded room is worth more than a million hours spent with someone else, pretending this is how it's supposed to be.

We met for a reason, but I still have yet to discover what that reason is.

Ok so he said he liked my glasses........does this mean that he literally likes my glasses or that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me

I don’t know how to tell you.

I want to know what makes you shiver. What spots make your mouth ache with passion. Where you’ll grip me. How your thirsty hands would feel searching my body like I’m your water. How your lips would feel crashing into mine. Like the last bit of air left on the planet was burrowed in my chest. I know your fingers are matches. You possess the fire that engulfs, and I’m a pyromaniac. I’ll allow you to brand me. I’ll allow you to ground me. Bring the Earth to a halt, and take me to another atmosphere. 

I just don’t know how to tell you.

- Silent

I love the anonymity of this website. We claim that relationships don't affect us. We put on a brave face and say we're fine, but once you put anonymity into the equation and give people the opportunity to share their feelings about their relationships, crushes and marriages, it is then we discover that it actually matters quite a bit. Some of the things I've read on here could never be said out loud, not to anyone, but the feeling of nobody knowing it's them gives them a much needed outlet.

Romantic relationships are important. Especially for young people, who feel things so deeply, crushes can't be thrown off to the side like it's just some silly childish thing! These are real feelings that they have and it can drive these young people to do crazy things, especially when their brains aren't fully developed. I'm reading them and I've written them and it's important to realize this.

I'm very thankful for this site. It's doing a very good thing.

please get out of my head. im tired of thinking about you, about us.... and about what could have been.

No boyfriend since birth and I'm turning 25 on Monday.