There’s no denying that I was my best self when I was around you.

I have no business missing you like I do

This is some bullshit 😒

I can't believe I've liked you for three summers and you haven't noticed u dummy

All I want is more time with you and all I seem to be getting is less and less.

I love her so much. No matter how long it's been or how far apart we are, we always find the time to catch up.

She's my best friend, and she's truly beautiful inside and out.

I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and most importantly, taught me. I don't love her in a way that's a romantic relationship but I love her as I consider her family.

Hey I genuinely want whatever is best for you. I really really really want that to be me, but I don't know. I really care about you, even if it seems like I don't. You are my ideal, an all around excellent person.


I hope you remember that it's okay to cry. Your tears fell so hard that day and you fought them back, but you didn't need to. You told me you were embarrassed to cry, but there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You were in pain. It's okay to cry when you're in pain.

Toss away that idea that crying isn't for men. You're allowed to cry. I wish you wouldn't, because it breaks my heart; I love you so much. I want to take away your pain so bad, but the most I can do for you is stand by your side and be there for you when you need me. Hopefully, one day, you will open up to me more. But for now, I am content to reassure you and comfort you in your time of distress.

The day I met you was the day that my life changed.

Tomorrow will mark another semester of not talking to him :) love social anxiety it’s my favourite