I'm 24, I've never had a boyfriend.

That's all for tonight.

when you messaged me back for the first time, I got this weird but good feeling about you. Kinda like maybe you’ll be really important to me in the future, I really hope my gut feeling is true because I really do like you

I had a hard crush once...and still do tbh. We were decent friends and would playfully pick on each other. He seemed popular and was a year ahead of me in college. One night with some drinking led to us being alone and him whispering in my ear "I've had a crush on you for so long".

Flash forward and we've been dating for over a year and I got to watch him walk across the graduation stage with tears in my eyes and knowing how I'll go through my senior year without him there, but also knowing that I've found my soulmate and I couldn't possibly crush on him any harder.

Life really works in mysterious ways.

Rejection and heartbreak inspires some good writing material.

Missing you is just making me like you more

why do I develop feelings for people that are just being nice?

why does my brain do this to meeeeeeeeee

All I need to do is press enter.

oh shit he’s been reading on this site.

i’m happy AND scared at the same time.

man idk

i’d rather let him know tho.

Am I a bad person for being attracted to someone I work with.

Friend: You know he had a crush on you.


Friend: ... everyone knew

Me: BUT ME!??!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!