He came into my fifth period classroom today before the teacher got back from the bathroom.

He's not in my fifth period class.

I was standing by the door, because that's where the calculators are kept.

He yelled my name and lunged at me, wrapping me in a bear hug that I was so unprepared for that all I could do was wrap my arms around his waist and sing "Awwwwww!" softly into his ear.

I'm glad I'm not the only one in this equation that's prone to attack-hugs when I see him and get too excited to contain myself.


I insist on dreaming about that one day,

that one day,

one of us confesses,

or somehow we both act upon the moment and our actions will speak louder than words.

I hope that one day will come. Preferably soon.

i wish there was an off button for these feelings i have for you.

a little naive

This guy who I used to speak to in elementary school messaged me the other day asking how I was, then he confessed that he has loved me all these years. We’re both juniors in college right now. He asked me if I’d like to get coffee with him, but then I remembered something: he was the same boy who’d always sit behind me in class and constantly say “I love you” when we were only 11. I didn’t know what love was back then, and I still don’t know what it is now. So I keep wondering.. how? How could he love me..? How does he know?

If you're gonna spend so much time on my mind you're gonna have to start paying rent. Kisses are an acceptable form of payment.

I don't even know what to do. There is this girl. She likes me. I like her. We are soooooo close to being something other than acquaintances. Like sooo close. We both know it.

The problem is life. It is so frustrating. It's like two ships pass in the night. So close, yet so far. I just need 5 seconds. Not even 5, I'll take one. I just need an opportunity. A half-chance. Something.

We can't dance around each other like this much longer.

I don't hope for you anymore, I'm tired.

Feelings are messy; they stick to things that they shouldn't have touched in the first place.

Hey uh

Still super into you, if you couldn't tell. Would like to kiss your face at the earliest convenience. Plz refrain from breaking my heart.


It's like we're finger tips away from each other, but neither of us want to reach out that little bit further