I want to run away with you. I want to run as far as we can and start a new life together.

Message your person, don’t overthink it. Just say hello. Ask how they are doing? Show you remember them, you care to just greet them. It’s not weird, I promise, unless you haven’t talked in 20 years. Even then, it won’t be strange. Its normal to just reach out. if you needed a sign, here it is. Reach out. Best of luck

let's take care of eachother. I will hold you when you're sad. I will hold you when you're happy. I will hold you when this world seems so hopeless and I will hold you when it inspires you. I will hold you. I will hold you. I will hold you.

You remind me of a book or a piece of art that isn’t immediately appreciated. Though certain people see your astounding beauty it will take awhile for others to. Eventually, I promise you, people will value the gem that you are. You’ll be loved fiercely and forget any time you have ever felt over looked or under-appreciated.

You have so much going on inside your head all the time. It must be exhausting. Maybe one day you’ll let me relieve some of the burden?

you didn’t stay long enough for me to see any of your flaws so now I’m left with this image of you as an ideal person and nobody else is going to be able to live up to that and it’s not fair.

Today it started drizzling rain and you were really excited. Grumpy me says: "What's so good about rain?" Eyes shining, you say happily: "Well if I was a little frog, I'd be so excited that my lily pad is finally going to be a bit wet. And if I was a little snail I could poke my head out and see what's going on. And if I was an earthworm, I'd come out of the ground and wriggle around and have an epic dance party."

And now I'm not so grumpy about the rain anymore and you're officially the cutest.

everyone thinks I’m full of smart deep thoughts when in all honesty all I ever think about is you and food, food and you

I miss you. You are my favorite person in the world. Whenever I see you and look into your dark brown eyes, I know that I am undoubtly in love with you 100%. You are my best friend so I can't risk that. I've loved you for a little less than 3 years.

LTC thanks for being here for me since 2015. I have written letters anonymously and with different pseudonyms, but all to the same person. Before I leave this website for good and begin to move on from my 8 year crush, I have a last letter to write. This is to you and to anyone who cares to read this. 

If you have feelings for someone, let them know. They deserve to know how you feel and that they’re admired, and you deserve to express how you feel and let it out of your system. Keeping it inside you sucks. Sometimes, a person may be waiting on you to make a move, especially if she’s a girl. Men, I’m talking to you: MAKE A MOVE BROS. You’ll never know for sure until you take your shot. To quote the famous Wayne Gretzky:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

If you have any negative thoughts about yourself, ERASE IT pronto! Don’t overthink! Walk up to them, take a deep breath, and let it out to them. They may reject you, but it’s better than being stuck with what if’s. These what if’s have haunted me for the past 6 years in every waking moment and in my dreams. Who knows what could’ve happened then and how different life could’ve went, but that doesn’t matter now.

Life’s so short. The older I get, time keeps getting faster. The years add up quick. If you’re waiting for someone, don’t wait. Keep it moving. Don’t hold onto someone who doesn’t realize your worth. Maybe you gave them your best and even risked your mental health in the process for a fantasy. For thinking that they’ll have a change of heart. For thinking that they will want you like you’ve been wanting them for who knows how long. But it’s time to put yourself first, to put your dreams and goals first, to believe in yourself.

I love you all. Take care. :-)