love is what i am made of. made for. i want to buy you trinkets. button up your shirts. always buy coffee for two. ask you to tell me more. watch the sun rise above the sea with your arms wrapped around my ribcage. release sky lanterns. show you all the constellations i know. brag to you. brag about you. cut you up. wear you around my finger. wrap myself around your heart. light up on heavy days. hope i live long enough to make you coffee in the morning

you're bone marrow. you're how i carry myself and how i judge the world. you're the silence in between what i think and what i say. and i know growth is uncomfortable and that we've never been here before, but everything i feel with you, i feel deeply and without remorse. 

-am to cb

I wonder if, during those times we spoke face to face, you could see in my eyes how I was feeling about you. I don't think I blushed, but my heart was pounding for sure. Could you see in my eyes that I wanted to kiss you? We held eye contact a lot. I got butterflies when you'd smile and say my name. Is it possible you were attracted to me, too? I wish I could've read your mind. Maybe it was all in my head. I still can't help but think about you. What could've been if we'd met under different circumstances. There was a time I thought you might have a crush on me, too. Maybe you did. The idea still excites me. I knew I shouldn't but I fell for you anyway. Now I'm trying so hard to let you go. I wish I could tell you I love you. I don't know why we were destined to meet, only for nothing to come of it. It's not like we could've acted on it, anyway. Well, I'll have to be content with loving you from afar. I don't even know where you are tonight. You don't know it, but a piece of my heart is with you. Probably always will be. I hope you're happy and well. Maybe someday I'll see you again. I really hope so.

Removed by seth by request.

I saw someone who looked like you. My heart suddenly dropped…You were really special to me

I miss you

I hope you remember me…

its never not for you, it's all for you, it's always for you

Each night I get on here to look at the posts, hoping that she wrote something to me or about me. I write something to her almost every night. I doubt she even knows about this page. I get disappointed every time. I miss her so much. I'm so lovesick.

The possibility of you is better than the reality of anybody else.


I miss hearing from you. Are you okay? I'm not proud of what I've done to you, abandoning you when you needed me the most. I understand why you're defensive and not trusting me. That's what I deserve after all.

Forgive me for not being a good friend. Not standing beside you. Choosing others over you who's better and more interesting. You bring joy to the talk, you manage to make things pleasant naturally. I was a jerk and a fool.

I adore you.

(this is just a message I'd like to receive. maybe someday this happens. If don't, that's ok. Moving on is always the path).

have u ever been in a situation where u like someone so much but u choose to push them away because all you ever do is destroy everything around u and you wouldn’t want to hurt them of all people because they dont deserve it so u push them away abruptly in hopes that they just hate you because it’s way easier to move on with anger in mind rather than to love someone from afar? no?

I'm starting to wish that I never met you. Not because you're a bad person. You're great. You've done nothing wrong. It's because now I know you exist in this world. I think so very highly of you. I know how wonderful you are and how nice it was to know you for the short time I did. But now I have to live without you in my world. I only wish I had never met you so that I wouldn't know who I was missing out on.