Guys!!! I did it, I sent an email saying all about my feelings, it has around 2600 words. I am so scared, guys. My heart is beating so fast, I can hear it. My hands are shaking, I am waiting for her to open it. I have that extension that tells me if she opened it. I am so scared!!

You didn't have to do anything to impress me. I didn't have to know anything about you to be impressed by you. Your existing and making me feel the way you do were enough, more than enough. I love you, I

He knows she still loves him. He knows she doesn't care about all that other stuff. He knows, she knows.

They see right through each other.

They are each other.

I love you. Astronomically.

You know how when you’re trying to vacuum, and the cord keeps getting tangled up or caught on things? Or when there’s a loose string on your shirt, and you keep pulling and pulling, trying to pull it out but it just keeps getting longer? That’s kind of what it feels like, trying to get over you.

Because the logical part of my brain is screaming at me to let you go; you’re not out there thinking about me in the same way I am thinking about you. It’s been years. we don’t have a future.

So I keep tugging and tugging and trying to sever this tie that I feel to you, but it keeps getting caught. Because what if you are thinking about me? What if you’re feeling the same pain and longing as I am? this feels hopeless. will I ever know? Will I ever be able to cut you out of my mind, out of my heart?

i feel so certain that we’ll see each other again

There’s no logical evidence to support that, but I just know it in my heart

My lust is wild and at times it feels almost uncontrollable. This is suffering.

You had such a... graceful presence. A gentle voice. Not a hint of toxicity in your behaviour or outlook on things. As if you've only seen the positive and not the negative in life/people.

I never got to know your history. Your story. But either you are REALLY good at masking unseen truths, or are just, that, level-headed and pure.

And I thought there had to be a catch with someone who looked that good.

“The sensitive suffer more, but also love more, dream more.”

Ahh, this perfectly explains the purity and indecision I see in you. You feel so much, and understandably are confused by what you feel. This is just how sensitivity works. Now I accept it.

I feel like if I had expressed my love for you before we would be together. The fleeting moment has passed now, though. I can’t say anything anymore. Nothing has the power to kill more than unexpressed love.