In a perfect world these leftover fries would be good tomorrow and you would love me back.

My feelings for you are gradually fading after all these months, finally I feel like I'm slowly starting to get my breath back again!

There is nothing inherently wrong with me. I am not characteristically unloveable. The lack of romantic love in my life isn't necessarily a reflection of my nature, but of the choices that I have made over time that makes me (understandably) less likely to cross paths with romance.

I hurl myself into my education, into work, and I don't lift up my head to look around much. I'm exhausted at the end of the day, so I spend my available time relaxing at home instead of out at public places where I might bump into someone. When I do go to the coffee shop, I'm so absorbed in my laptop trying to find the right words that I don't notice the handsome man sitting at the other end of the room trying to make eye contact with me. I'm too uncomfortable to walk up to a stranger and introduce myself, or to even smile at someone that I don't know because I think they're attractive.

I haven't found love because there is something wrong with me. It's because I've been swatting away every tiny opportunity that could potentially blossom into something greater. It only takes one moment, it only takes one person.

And ultimately, it's great news, because I have control over what I do and how I spend my time. Everything can change the second that I say, now is the time to start.

Have you ever cried because you just really miss someone and it feels like your heart is actually breaking

You are like poetry, every part of you talks to my heart and touches my soul.

I feel you. And I know you feel me too. Our feelings towards each other are so beautiful. This connection. It’s strong, it’s pulling us together.

Sometimes you just have to fall apart.

Collect the pieces of yourself and leave some behind.

It's okay.

It will be okay.

You will never be the same.

Maybe you learn from it.

Maybe you don't.

But who really wants to stay the same?



Can love be absent of romance? Can I Love you without Loving you? I don't know what this is. but it's powerful. It compels me to make sure you are safe. Happy. So, I suppose, If love can exist without kisses and flirty comments, hand holding and dinner dates, I love you.


loving you

supporting you

believing in you

I’d do anything to see you smile

I just need to see that smile

I miss it so much

Please let me run into you somewhere

I just wanna scream to the world how you make me feel

You make me feel alive

You make me smile

I wanna scream at the top of my lungs how love found me and that love is you

I wanna sing along with you to all your favorite songs

I want you to know that you can tell me anything

Tell me your fears

Your past

Your future

I want to know it all

I’ll listen to everything you say

I’ll treat you with respect, I’ll never hurt you

I’ll always be here




you’ve been in a lot of my dreams lately