The only way you exist in my life now is as memories. Bittersweet memories of a friend and a very serious crush. I really do miss you and wish things had turned out differently. I feel so terrible about how awkward and stupid I was around you. If I could, I would go back and do it all differently. But I can't change the past no matter how much I wish about it. You were so special to me and always will be. But you'll never know and, let's be honest, it wouldn't make a difference, would it? You were with him before I met you and you'd be a fool to leave him for me. I need to let you go. I wish I had never fallen for you. I knew from the start it was a mistake and had no chance but my heart wants you anyway.

As much as I'm hurting over my person, I sincerely hope and pray she's not feeling the same. I hope that whoever she's with makes her very happy and that she's well taken care of. I'll always wish it was me doing that for her but that's not how it was meant to be.

If you read this, I hope you're not in love in vain. But if you are, I hope you'll find peace of mind, mending of your heart and someone who loves you back.

in another life i would’ve liked just doing laundry and taxes with you

My GOD it's so hard to talk to you when I'm so nervous that all my words are stuck in my throat. You're so beautiful and kind and you don't even know how much you can effect others.

Now that I'm lonely I want you. But when you were lonely I wasn't there for you. I'm not contacting you no matter how much I want to. You've suffered enough now it's my time

You're overhelming for all of my senses. When you're around I feel alive in a way I've never felt before. The blood rushes through my veins and my heartbeat goes crazy. I feel adrenaline, endorphins and all the good kinda hormones. Oxytocin without even the need of touching, because you're presence inself stirs something in me. Something fragile and precious. I am invested, because I understand your actions and habits out of the deepness of my own soul. We're similar, but on the same length we're as different as we could be.

I admire your dedication to better yourself and your constant commitment to check on the people you’re closest with. I admire your loyalty and your immaculate attention to detail. I admire your smile and the love you put out into this world. I admire you.

wanna hear the best dating advice ever?


Communicate please! Don’t EVER asume.

ask the things you wanna ask…

There is huge opportunity in getting rid of uncertainty… please communicate.

i've never met someone as close to perfection as you, if only you could see it too