letterstocrushes.com, established nov. 2008

we are a community of romantics. we are about sharing our own words on love and reading about others' experiences.

as a community we represent the following principles:

  • sometimes we need to tell someone about our love, but we cannot — for various reasons. this is a place to safely talk about your love.
  • one rewarding way to live your life is to listen, support, validate and encourage other people in your community. this is one place to do this.
  • we do not allow bullying, trolling or other disruptive behavior due to the sensitive nature of our letters. please see our rules in our terms of use for more information or use the feedback page to contact mods for help.

book update #1 (08-04-2014): we are currently working on a book that includes letters and comments made on this site from november 8th, 2013 onwards. the book will be published early 2015. please stay tuned for more information.

book update #2 (08-05-2015): the book draft is here, time for an "open reading"! hurray! after a lot of hard work and effort, we have a draft of the book that we are excited to share with the community. click here to read the draft. we will leave this draft available for everyone to review (if they wish), and then we will begin publishing on September 5 (30 days from now.)

please get in touch with us via the feedback page if you'd like one of your letters removed or edited. we will do everything we can to recognize your contributions.

you can contact the mod team with your questions, thoughts, suggestions and requests.

you can contact seth hayward at [email protected] .