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I like you, but we're queer young women in a country where it's not only illegal but also forbidden. I hope the feeling was reciprocated, maybe things could've been different, but you're too busy chasing after someone who doesn't even want you. yes i like you, but i will not destroy myself chasing after you. I wish you well, friend, but i choose myself, I'll always choose myself. -E

Should I tell my friend I'm in love with her? She's the most beautiful girl I know and everything about her makes me happy. I don't think she likes me back. She's had multiple relationships during our friendship and has told me she's liked other people. She's knows that I would date her but I don't know if she knows how much I wish I was. However we talk nearly daily and she always calls me hot and we call each other babe but she kinda always calls all of her friends hot? Should I tell her like straight up? Or like hint at it somehow? Please some one give me some advice

I'm sorry. I think about you all the time. I want to be with you more. But I can't make decisions just for myself or my heart. I wish I could pause all my responsibilities and go off with you on an adventure. But we can't. My heart plays here, but it wasn't meant to be in our reality. It doesn't mean my feelings aren't real, they are very real. I wish I could tell you in more ways than just when I look at you, or through an anonymous website, but here we are.

I miss our talks. I miss you. I always miss you.


Please tell me im the one you want.

Ur losing me and im losing interest in you.

I think I’m going to move on.


Welcome back Kaitlyn

Yeah I don’t think constant shit lists are the way forward either but there comes a point when you stop taking it lying down. Right now there is nobody at all on my shit list. Including myself.

My friend confessed but i reject him, he said it's okay. He always chat me, update me then i felt something everytime he does that, then after a month or weeks dunno he disappear i felt sad a little bit(as in a little bit)i always check my msg if he chat me. The reality punch me im infatuated AGAIN!

I'll rant guys, i think this is my safe place 'cause no one wants to hear this dramatic shits of me. This is about that guy i badly want to talk to him again, to experience that feeling again. I really really miss him, oh God just take me back.

hey flores It feels wrong of me to feel this way, but I do, I miss u sm. I hope your happy with what your doing now, I love you so much Luis.

I know you won’t ever see this but can you please just tell me you have feelings for me already?? I’m like 95% sure you do so just say something please! I know I could say something too, but I’m too scared