Every time i don’t see you for a while i get filled with fear and doubt. I start thinking I did something wrong or I was wrong and you don’t like me at all. Or that you’ll realize you don’t really like me as much as you thought.

But the moment we see each other it all washes away and that spark is there and stronger than ever. We can’t resist It. Thats how we got in this situation in the first place. we can’t even say goodbye to each other. We always have to stand there and say one more thing to stop the other person from walking away

I keep picturing that beautiful, soft look you had on your face as we talked. And the way you stared deep into my eyes with that soft smile on your lips as you listened to me. The way you barely stopped smiling or laughing the whole time we were together even though you had told me multiple times what A terrible day you were having and how much everyone was pissing you off. this feeling really snuck up on me.

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