I gave up on someone who didn't even take time to properly apologize to me for all the things they did and said. They think one liners are good enough. I was such a fool for caring about them, my heart hurts. While I suffer over all they did, they are sleeping peacefully, laughing with others. I just wanna cry, cry, cry until I feel nothing anymore. I hate my dxmn heart. I hate it, I shake and freeze because of them, there is so much pain. I wish I never believed any of their words. I wish I never gave them a second chance.

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  • anonymous lover
one year ago

You’re a good soul. Never change. Never get jaded.


  • Olivia
one year ago

People take advantage of people who are too kind. Just start treating people the way they treat you. Start slow and build it up. Stand up for yourself homie, cause I'm working on this rn too.

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