To many of us on LTC

Days go by, weeks then months, and just like that years .... we don't or can't let our person know of how we truly feel.

We all have valid reasons to stay quiet. But don't let fear, lack of confidence or any assumptions be the reason.

With 2024 starting, be bold. Do something new, explore more, give people chances. Don't overthink. And if you can, let your person know how you feel. They may not feel the same in return and that's okay. Atleast you did your part and now you have a healthier way of moving forward.

It's pointless to carry all this burden into the new year.

May you all have a beautiful year ahead. ♡

May 2024 be filled with love and happiness. ♡

Happy 2024 ♡

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  • anyawilliams
6 months ago

I love you

Thanks for sharing this.

Happy 2024 for us all

  • ladylikerituals
6 months ago

Bless your heart OP

  • Ladybug
6 days ago

I still have not yet reach out to him. I think I will. To just get it off my chest. Because I been holding in feelings for years. I only live once.

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