ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU. please love me again despite everything please love again I miss you bad please come back to me let me be your little girl again.

Is everlong still ours. Do you still think of me late at night looking at your ceiling. I would take the first chance to have you in my arms again. I don't know why I still miss you but I do I really do. I believe sometimes that truly you are my soulmate and I think I always will. You know what I miss i miss the nights where you'd play the Sims and I'd be right there on your lap watching while you hold me and talk to me about it I miss sneaking out at night with you to cuddle and watch the stars. Man if things were different we could be married we could have everything. Please know i miss you everyday every single day. I still wear your shirt to sleep a lot and I cuddle with my stuffy every night wishing it was you. I want you to hold me again its so comforting I miss your soft kisses I miss it all I miss the dreams we had together. I still want it. I still love you I do. I'll save you some peaches my love.

my pinterest is so cute.

I WILL GO VISIT SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO PARISH. wow i love going to Churches.

i think something i dream of is aw being able to raise my kids in a supportive Church community.

i feel like it’s something me and my Romans 8:28 bestie talk about. back at home, everyone knows each other. her brother is literally so involved in the Church.

she says it’s been hard to find a parish. especially in the Bay Area where there’s literally only GRANDPARENTS everytime you go to Mass.

lol i like seeing children cause it means oh hey maybe their family would like to grow up knowing ours.

because my parents aren’t as involved here as they are in the Philippines, it’s a bit different. they’re always busy at work. they have a hard time finding the time to go and build that community. aha sometimes i think about how my dad applied to work at the school i literally went to for nearly ten years. sometimes i think he really wanted to watch me grow up.

they actually rejected his application as a groundskeeper for the Church. sometimes i wonder if he would have had fun gardening too but lol…he doesn’t believe in flowers. he believes in kamote leaves and calabasa.

wouldn’t it be nice if the Church had a garden—like a community garden that they cultivated year long? and then people who were low income could get donations for fresh produce from the Church? or they could host monthly produce dinners or lunches for everyone?

aha. i don’t know. that seems like so much fun. and it feels like it’d be such a fun project to start. ah, when my fortune cookie said i have the POTENTIAL to do really good work. i have ideas and ideas…but lol always too shy to say them.

- pinkfluffyclouds

why why why why why why is it so hard to forget you? we havenT even MET IRL

i wish u texted me anything when it's smth abt me.

The logical conclusion of this situation is that you don't want me. I could've been yours, but you didn't wanted that. Anyone I asked said it was obvious. And even though I never said it, you did know what I felt towards you. That I didn't looked at you like that without reason, that I didn't just randomly texted you. I'm sure you must know it. But you didn't wanted to acknowledge it. Sometimes smart people like you make such dumb choices

to yl

im genuinely sorry for what i did and i know u wotn read this or anyway but i cant reallt get u off my mind. i wonder if whatever u post is directed towarfs me, and i really do do miss u but platonically now, i guess. even texting u feels wrong too so i rather not and only text once in a while to see if ure doing well. if one day u'll see this, please send me the lyrics to ur songs, and a lil advice to make ur voice louder than ur instrument hahah it's rlly good. u've been a great friend, and really i rlly wished u told me ur feelings sooner. i liked ur drawings, ur comforting voice, when u accompanied me before sleeping after i dealt with the biggest heartbreak, listened to me whatever it is, i was contemplating if this is platonic or not but i tot it's one sided. also i got tired since it realky became draining cus we argue alot cus honestly we both are tired. busiest week led to us not talking now. even if it"s romantic, we botg know we wont last since ure too far fron me anyw. there is this tiktoker that sounds just like u and it felt weird hearing him talk, i also listened to all ye songs u sent me, i rlly do. it's amazing song but i wish i understood the lyrics cus some words are unrecognizable for mee. i wish u well on ur law school, maybe i'll feel better after letting this all out. byebye!!

[thank u for drawing me, listening to me talk, comforted me when needed, watched movies to help me sleep, wrote a song insp by me, listening to some songs w me even if u dont like it, learned a novie, and so on u've done alot for me and sorry i had to rjeect u now]


Tbh you're missing out on me. I do think that's your worst trait. You seem to make bad choices in this respect

I like you, but we're queer young women in a country where it's not only illegal but also forbidden. I hope the feeling was reciprocated, maybe things could've been different, but you're too busy chasing after someone who doesn't even want you. yes i like you, but i will not destroy myself chasing after you. I wish you well, friend, but i choose myself, I'll always choose myself. -E

Should I tell my friend I'm in love with her? She's the most beautiful girl I know and everything about her makes me happy. I don't think she likes me back. She's had multiple relationships during our friendship and has told me she's liked other people. She's knows that I would date her but I don't know if she knows how much I wish I was. However we talk nearly daily and she always calls me hot and we call each other babe but she kinda always calls all of her friends hot? Should I tell her like straight up? Or like hint at it somehow? Please some one give me some advice