N, come on

if you really meant you love me

my feelings wouldn’t have come second

to your pride -

you can have your pride

I’m gone.

dear m,

I shouldn’t like you but I can’t help it. I’m drawn to you and I try to look away, run, stop it but you look at me with those eyes and I am back. crawling back. I am not like the girls you like but I sometimes wonder if that’s all a facade. I think you’ve felt it too.

maybe ‘one day’

~ windmill girl

a random guy bumped into me. not only he's delusional but he is brainless too

He sent another low effort selfie this morning so I responded with a picture of me holding The Fellowship of the Ring. Every time he tries to keep things surface level and in the realm of small talk and shitposting, I’ll send another page from the book. We might make it through the whole trilogy before he understands what is happening and I’m fine with that. At least we will have read books together. I can’t handle this much banter. It’s been months now. This is insane.

One last text...And I'm gone forever.

I really need this ending.

spotlight moonlight

i think about you every morning

I think I have a crush on you.

I am so grateful for my sunshine. He always knows what to say at the perfect time. He makes me feel so safe in his arms. He faces all hurdles and enemies beside me because we  are a team. He doesn't leave a mess around the house after I've cleaned. He is always so quiet when I sleep. He takes me on dates and treats me  like a princess. He always protects me at all costs...


David youre not a star just two triangles

“nero” is the new plea for temporary insanity no wonder they’re allowing anybody to “have it” not attractive wouldn’t go around propagating the totalitarian dictatorship future since nobody can think longer than 3 seconds