July 25, 2024

hello, kashieca. if someday, and may that day come, you stumble upon this letter, please know that i tried. you are already aware of what i feel about you, although i never really told you anything. the reason why i kept everything to myself was because i thought it wasn’t the right time and that i'm not where i should be to be worthy of and for you. i tried. to this day im trying. i may never be so special to you, but even then, i'm doing it for you, my wonderwall, my shieca.


You probably won’t see this but I’m missing you so much, Ream. I miss you a lil louder in my silent days. I didn’t regret the love i gave, I loved every bit of us. it was never a waste of time for me. I hope you learn how to love yourself so much that when good things happen to you, you won’t doubt yourself :)) You were enough and you’ll always be, I hope you stop talking down to urself bcs baby, you deserve good things :(( Things might have ended not like we wanted but I hope you do well in all aspect of your life, i hope you get everything you want in life, baby. I will always be proud of you, but now gotta love you quietly from a distance. I love you so much, i’m going to move forward now.


Hello my iced coffee, i know there's nothing between us but i really want to say that, I'm thankful that God brought you to my life, he gave me another reason to live. When we start talking you don't know how happy i am, you let me experience that things that i thought i wouldn't experience. Almost 3 months? I think, i miss you. When we stop talking i felt my world stops I don't know how we stop talking but that's the most painful thing happened to me, my bagets i know Im 1 year older than you but that doesn't matter. I love you till the day that i die. I'm in the process of moving on now, uusad na ako. I treasure every minutes, seconds, and hours, talking with you, you don't know how excited i am when you chat me you make me kilig haa! Thank God for bringing him to my life know if the things weren't right it won't last. I love you love you my bagetsss!! Please take care of your self. My iced coffee if second meet theory is true and we met that's it, and if we didn't 'everything happens for a reason' hayz ngayon lang ako nakapag labas ng hinanakit because of you i found the best version of myself i started loving my self, i don't need any one i need you, emz i need my self. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA so haba na tuloy for almost a year waiting for you I've finally made up my decision it's for the best I'm finally moving on what's the purpose of waitng on someone na we don't sure na if they will comeback pa 'diba. I told my self na if you comebacl i won't accept you again, why? What if things really work between us? What if we're just here to cheer each other? What if we're just supposed to be strangers? Ouch but all in all i loved you! If we're meant to each other then we are no more explanations i loved you my baby!!

I love you so much. You're my soulmate. My bestfriend. but i love you way more than that. i always have. I wish i had a chance with you. to get an even deeper bond. but you're aromantic. loveydovey shit makes you uncomfortable. i dont want to force anything upon you. its not at all your fault you feel this way. but its stopping me from telling you the truth. im sorry for making everything so hard. ily. sorry. -Nyx

hi, lougen! crush po kita :) see u on monday ❤️

I miss you so much I'm not really sure if I can even understand my feelings right now. I'm genuinely sorry for even having thought of liking you more than a friend should I know it's wrong for me to like you. I really miss you it hurts every day to face you and hearing you talk about the guys you like seeing you unintentionally flirt with every other person. I don't know what to do when you hold my hand and hug me so tightly and pretend nothing happened the next moment. This is none of your fault I love you so much you will never know please just let me go.


SO I don't know where to start. Maybe with the fact that this is my first date in like over 8 years because when I started studying I just had no time for a love life and I was convinced I needed no one. Now i'm getting 'old' (26) and I have dreams and felt like it might be time to get on tinder and at least give it an honest try (because i know I can do it on my own, but I also know deep down I really want to be with someone eventhough that's super scary to me because I like counting on myself).

So I've been on Tinder for a couple weeks and matched with a guy. He doesn't reply a lot during the day and he always answers on the same times every day. So he does text back like every day just on the same hour and that's it. He seems okay? Like I did laugh at some of his texts but I don't know much about him really. And suddenly he just asked if I'd wanna meet.

Now guys I am so terrified of men and meeting up with men that I did panic for 24 hours and he followed up with saying if I didn't want to I could say no, it's not a big deal. So green flag??? And then I just thought well I was going to give it an honest shot, I have to stay true to myself. SO I AM MEETING A MAN. I AM MEETING A MAN EVERYONE. That i don't know much about which is scary. But he did tell me again that if I wasn't comfortable he understands and we could wait. SO GREEN FLAG?? Right?

Anyway I got my security locked in place: I'm meeting right in the middle of a big city feast in a park, so there'll be lots of people. My friend is coming to meet me at that park right after and I told him that. So I think i won't get kidnapped. BUT

I need help: what do you do on a date? (we are just going for a walk and it'll be 1 hour) What do you talk about? How do you greet someone?? I haven't been on a date since years and years and that was with my best friend who then I got in a relationship with so I already knew him. I know nothing now. I don't know anything about dating. I NEED HELP because I am lowkey freaking out and really really nervous but I want to give it a shot for myself.

I already am going in with the thought he'll probably just unmatch after and that your first person on a first date probably won't go far so i'm locking in my expectations because I don't want to get burned but I do want to make the most out of this experience and see it as a learning curve for me. Okay I'm doing it but I need ANY ADVICE on this because I am so so so nervous I might throw up. :p

Thank you guys



let go of that idea i had in my head for so long

how to just let you go yk..

i think it’s time i move on i’m just trying to figure out how.