I love you; I really do. It stings to know that we won't be able to be together in this lifetime, or maybe never. I only hope that one day you can live your life blissfully without thinking about others. You're a star, while I'm just admiring you from afar. It's painful to know that the person you love is unable to reciprocate the feelings you're giving them. So if you ever find the person you are willing to commit to, please just be happy. I don't want to compete with anyone because I know I don't stand a chance, and I will never try to compete with them. I know how valuable I am, and I will not let anyone hurt me but fuck I let you. Continue playing volleyball 🏐 i will support you.

say you want smoke come get it

dear ethan,

i love you so dearly. i truly believe that we were made from the same star or that we are each others half in some way or some gay shit like that lmao. youre such an asshole but it makes me laugh everytime, your smile brings me such comfort you don’t understand. i wish you could see yourself how i see you because you would see such a true and lovable man. someone so deserving and easy to love. i love loving you and there will always be a place in my heart for you, i hope to see you in every lifetime after this one.

I used to play spend the bottle when we met I would play it in my head and Imagine kissing most of your friends and stuff. I really wanted things to happen with us but we were too awkward to date and we weren't right for each other LOL

j- i do think about kissing you. us meeting up at a bar and your friends showing up monitoring us. You making a move on me but i refuse to let you touch me. I think if you wanted me I would never let you stop kissing me and i do think about you fcking me. It's your choice if you want to put up with me and want a life with me.

Hope we have skibidi dreams together - s

J, I still love and miss you. Please text me. I’ll keep my feelings under control this time.

Fernando please don't be in love with someone else. In Another life we would get married and have the best sex in the world.

You might be sexy but your a creep and so is your friends and people who know me and I never have talked to before. You always saved the dirty work for everyone else because you never wanted to get caught. You want to be innocent and wipe your hands clean. you can not fool me I have you all figure out. Your a snake and I don't trust you.

Finding where I fit in is all I can ever do.

Even if it’s a lifelong journey.