Where have you been? Do you know when you're coming back?

Your existence might be the world for the one who loves you.

I would give anything for you to be here with me right now. Or we could be anywhere, I don't care, as long as we're together. Back in my arms soon x

Even the rain brings smile for those who loves it, why do you feel you are not worth?

When you feel like dying, try to survive for another day

there's a senior boy who she's terrified of, my sweet girl. he's back. I'm not supposed to get into fights at school. but this boy isn't sleeping with his teeth in his mouth today......I'm her girlfriend, the top martial arts student in our city.


im watching the after movies again after, after we collided, after we fell, after ever happy, after everything they all remind me of our story. hardin reminds me so much of you its almost upsetting to watch yet comforting at the same time



i hope we reconnect i miss you its almost like the more i try to forget the more i realise im thinking about you all the time and i miss you



Hello, musta kana? Early stage palang tong condition ko, ambilis ng panahon, malapit na yung araw na magpapaadmit ako, ooperahan kasi ako, I hope I won't bleed that much that it won't spread. Please pray for me as well.


I don't know how this started. From the moment I met you I've had this unconditional, quiet love for you. Not that you were undeserving of it but I never understood where it came from, it wasn't something you've done that made me love you, it just happened. At times we were close, and at times we were very far apart, it never disappeared, it is constant, even now when we're not in each other's lives anymore. Mentally you're still in mine. I just want to say sorry for being scared of my feelings for you, for trying to ignore them because I didn't know how to show my love for you. I wanted you to feel it. I am sorry you never did.