I wish you didn't lie about being on drugs. The moment you said, "No drugs" I knew because I hadn't asked. I figured you were stronger than that, that's all.

Don't die. Rest in peace.

"It took all my strength not to fall apart

Trying with all my might to mend my broken heart

I spent so many nights feeling sorry for myself"

Dear Chasey Lain

I wrote to constrain

This letter is my last.

I'll sing these songs alone cause you'll never be back.

He told me to go and die. It’s officially over you guys he lied about everything. Bye ltc

We gotta go :(

first it was in a butterfly room. thankfully i get out and it's my luck when the drive home was drunk frat boys that had the next stop before me. They touch my hair and I already had to freeze up to something worse. The driver is an older woman than I am but she doesn't take the place of a protector. It's short and colorful and apparently that makes me a lesbian. I'm already being decided for again. good thing i can't afford new underwear.

then it was in a ritz and glitz. hotel room for a fun game. im the girl for the music video. he walls could've been encrusted with gold and i still would have been looking down at my feet. we both agreed to try something new but you weren't the one on stage, you were in the background with a camera at a no film show, but if it's just for you then it's not like you have copywritten material. I couldn't get words out in the opening set so I figured some background noise would be enough to get the crowd excited and then maybe the concert would end quicker. it ends, but i don't get much time backstage before there's an encore. I told you I didn't really like the first half, but it would've been a letdown. you all came to see me perform. if you choke, you go on, so i did....but after I express my discomfort it doesn't make me feel better. It makes me feel like I'm the wrong one for not liking it. Good thing I've been through a lot of different situations without a sound check.

I am here and I am happy.

“you weren’t invited into our lives” dating within a femministry bubble real quack quack mother goose some of them are probably don’t even know a real duck tale

Mi odio. 

Mi odio perch� so di essere meglio di cos�. Perch� so di volere e di meritare una relazione vera, eppure mi continuo a punire con cose che non mi gratificano. 

Mi odio perch� pur di provare questo piccolo amore mi dissolvo fino a diventare la me pi� vera ma anche quella pi� fragile. 

Mi odio perch� anche quando finalmente riesco a dire la mia, poi torno sui miei passi perch� ho paura di essere abbandonata. 

Mi odio perch� non sono capace di farmi leggere nel pensiero, e perch� se potessi finalmente sbloccherei un infinito mondo di liberazione e di amore. 

Mi odio perch� non riesco ad odiarti, anche se non credo neanche di amarti. 

Mi odio perch� continuo ad innamorarmi della mia idea di amore, dimenticandomi che non posso cercarla dove non c’�, e che nessuno pu� diventare chi non �. 

Mi odio perch� scrivo questo e non riesco mai a dirlo a nessuno. 

Mi odio perch� faccio un passo avanti e cinquanta indietro.

Mi odio perch� voglio un amore vero, di quelli che non lasciano tracce negative e che finiscono in sordina dopo essersi consumati al loro massimo. 

Mi odio e basta, ma in realt� vorrei poter dire che non odio me stessa. 

okay girly.

just cause someone sings your favorite song doesn’t mean anything. he just has good taste in music. an appreciator of the arts.

nice. okay. don’t get your heart all in a twist.


- pinkfluffyclouds

dang it.

you sang my favorite karaoke song.


noooo. i’m such a sucker for that song oof. lmao it is literally the song i will pull up at every single party with. catch me with my kuya in a few weeks making a competition of it.

you even sang it so gently…lol i’ll never tell you but i prefer when you sing like that. i sometimes worry when you belt, you might strain your voice. NOT THAT IT SOUNDS BAD…but i’d always learned to protect your voice. but it’s an instrument too…so you have to exercise it and stretch it especially if you want to grow as a musician. but i think your voice is really strong. you know how like you can listen to a singer’s voice develop over the years—like how Ariana’s has matured so much with time and practice and use and training? yes. so so nice to listen to.


my little heart is SO BAD AT LISTENING TO ME.

aw your voice is so good. sigh.

aha one of my favorite things i’ll always appreciate about you.

- pinkfluffyclouds