dang it.

you sang my favorite karaoke song.


noooo. i’m such a sucker for that song oof. lmao it is literally the song i will pull up at every single party with. catch me with my kuya in a few weeks making a competition of it.

you even sang it so gently…lol i’ll never tell you but i prefer when you sing like that. i sometimes worry when you belt, you might strain your voice. NOT THAT IT SOUNDS BAD…but i’d always learned to protect your voice. but it’s an instrument too…so you have to exercise it and stretch it especially if you want to grow as a musician. but i think your voice is really strong. you know how like you can listen to a singer’s voice develop over the years—like how Ariana’s has matured so much with time and practice and use and training? yes. so so nice to listen to.


my little heart is SO BAD AT LISTENING TO ME.

aw your voice is so good. sigh.

aha one of my favorite things i’ll always appreciate about you.

- pinkfluffyclouds

3s a crowd nobody wants to babysit your kids get over yourself

Us, Eros and Psyche battling it out.

how to detect a narcissist telegram think pieces are for twitter yapper they allow threads over there and you can publish your results for great niche marketing don’t miss your opportunity it’s real tribe work to pillar yourself early while the momentum of reaching reach higher Todd

sometimes i feel more like a servant than a wife but if im taken care of then it can't be anything but a happy life

I have a question for girls (im a girl too btw) do you guys shave your belly hair? or do you guys naturally don't have hair on your belly.

Idk why you

To: R

From: A

Friday I'm In Love - The Cure

see you downtown tomorrow :)

disgusting. how can anyone be so soulless and so out of touch with reality?

oh bae why are u ignoring what im saying and how i feel :