Arrows Would Hurt Less

"Is this the part where I tell you sorry for I have sinned and then tell you every bad thing I've done so I don't go to Hell? Atone or something? Nevermind. This is probably it. Why am I here?"

A low chuckle echos in the room from Cupid, but it sounds like a thousand at once. An accidental spill of the most precious pearls.

"You're not in Hell. You're also not here to tell me every bad thing you've done in your life. You are here to explain you and I am here to help. Tell me. What have you noticed since you arrived in this room, human?"

"That I don't know where the fuck I am or what's going on, like I just said. I can't see you-"

"Yes. You can't see me. Focus and you'll calm down. What else do you notice about your surroundings?"

The woman draws in a deep breath, and exhales the magic words. "There's two chairs and a table in front of me."

Cupid smiles, she doesn't see.

"Thank you. See, you've only heard my strange voice in a new environment. Scared, you still responded and chose to trust me because you knew I was here to help you. You will have to trust me to leave this place. The chairs. There is one chair for me when I choose to show myself. The other is for you and yet haven't sat down." Cupid sounds almost delighted to say the next two words:

"You're pacing."

"It's something humans do when they're nervous."

This begins the lesson.

"I am Cupid. People come to me when they are wandering in their deepest feelings trying to find a direction. I see and feel your emotions however you are the one that makes them. The reason you arrived here is because you are denying yours. When you humans start living a lie, I take you through a process to start you living in love. Neither of us can predict where you end up but it will be a better place from where you have started. You will leave here when I know you are ready."

When the woman's mousey face seems even more like a small, scared animal Cupid feels human for a moment and paused before he offers relief. "Also I do have food snacks and liquid beverages. I've observed humans for longer than time but nothing has had a hold on your kind like chips and soda. You humans are more likely to have a mental breakdown if you do not have food snacks and liquid beverages."

The woman squeaks with a laugh, but the sadness is still there. "Sure, yes. Thank you for that." For a moment, the woman feels like she's having a conversation with a stranger in transit rather than with someone and somewhere unworldly.

Can you picture what you are yearning for?"

Shifted mood and silence.

"Who are you yearning for? What do you call them? What do they look like?"

Silence....then the woman speaks. It's hard to tell if she sounds more annoyed or sad. A lovely mixture.

"Shouldn't you know?"

Soft laughter like a windchime. "You're a smart human. I know both of these things already. It's also neither of these things that causes a human to fall in love. Titles, appearances... descriptions and decorations but not the core. " Cupids voice turns firm, but still with good intention...

"Human. Close your eyes. Tell me why you are in love."

When she parts her lips, the earth is created.


I’m sorry I sucked and was self destructive and totally forgot the story, I did I a lot of damage to myself before you got to see me again during and after that. I’m sorry I wasn’t at my best or anywhere close, I just wanted to self sabotage I never had a connection that strong and if we made it stronger and then you dipped, I do think I ever would have recovered sorry for being scared of that. I love you and miss you and hope your doing well.

So there’s this guy that I see frequently and at first glance he didn’t seem like my type but after talking to him a few times I realized he’s actually pretty cool. He doesn’t flirt with me in an over the top kind of way. It’s more subtle. Like one night when I said goodbye to him I told him I enjoyed our conversation and he got super giddy and said “believe me, the pleasure is all mine!” and he sort of fumbled over his words a little. We’ve talked about music a few times and just had light conversations. For the most part, since both of us are usually busy, we just make an effort to say hello, briefly catch up on things, and we make a point to say goodbye to each other at the end of the night. He lets me know that he watches me when I’m not aware. Like I’ll be wrapped up in something else and he’ll say “hey, I saw you do blah blah blah”. So that’s something. I’m starting to also watch him when he is busy so that I can reciprocate. I friended him on Facebook and we both react to each other’s posts. He has commented on a couple of mine and even gave me a compliment about my eyes in one of his comments. But it hasn’t gone beyond any of that really. I think it’s because a lot of people think I am seeing this other guy. I was always with him and extra close to him so I see how people could get the wrong impression. I really thought me and this guy would go somewhere with something but I realize he isn’t really trying to move things forward and it’s been one disappointment after another. Plus he makes it a point to tell me that we are just friends while sending totally different signals to the guys around. Almost like he is intentionally trying to ward off any competition. Competition with what, I’m not even sure. We seriously aren’t together and he has no intentions of going deeper than where we are at. So I know this guy, like everyone else, probably assumes me and the other guy are together. What kind of signals can I throw to show him I’m interested without being too forward? I’d like to meet up with him outside of our usual spot sometime. He’s given enough reason to believe there’s at least some attraction there and he is single. I’m not saying I want to get serious with the guy but I’d like to get to know him. What should I do? I don’t know how to break that barrier with him.


Save me from this monster I am tied to. Please? He isn't human.

She strummed strings on a mahogany wing

She was so small I think the halo would've slipped over her like a hula hoop

You fought about the birthday cake that she didn't eat but I had my own miserable slice. The same situation has happened to me twice. Why?

You both went out the door and came back matching

I left the house and blamed it on not liking what was on TV. Sigh.

"Throw up your arms into the sky you and I"

You're going to have a good day 🌙


Am I delusional? I know you will never see these letters and it’s a good thing because I just need to let it out. I have a crush on you. I like you. There are times when I can’t stop thinking about you. You make me smile. You give me butterflies just by talking to me or even looking at me. I always look if you’re back at your seat or you’re done with your meetings. I want to sit close to you, I try to make the seat next to me open but it’s never meant to be. I want to be alone with you talk to you, sit beside you, be close to you, only you.

Am I delusional? But sometimes your actions make me wonder, what if you like me back? What if you’re interested? But reality hits hard and I know you’re like that to everyone. You’re caring and nice to everyone. You make everyone feel good and cared.

I’m just delusional. I’ll move on from this but I just need to let it out. I can’t ever tell this to anyone no matter how badly I want to tell it to you.


i love you.

You left me on seen I wonder if you still don’t forgive me.

If it could have happened

If it was another timeline

We would be stars. We would sit in whatever little closet or storage unit and spend more hours brainstorming than sleeping on songs and sounds. Even if it took both of us scrapping together and working our hardest to have a place to create, we would do it. We would be across the room scribbling our stories and magic in a notebook or on the computer and we would both be comfortable doing our own thing together. I would have helped you pick out an outfit for a new music video and smile behind the camera as you're running backwards and I'm running forward to get that perfect shot. You would have brought out my voice. I would've handed you one earbud from my laptop and you would've laughed at my old Spotify playlist while saying hey, some of these are good because I know you were one that liked to poke fun. I would've jumped up and screamed in excitement when you finally landed the gig you wanted. You would've been in the crowd to watch me perform. You would go on tour and I would let you because you are the dream, you can chase. Women would throw themselves at you because that's the life of a rockstar, but at the end of the day when you're all played out and relaxing you would be counting the days until you came home to me. I would have been there to listen and let you vent when the song didn't come out right or the stage direction went wrong, or if there was drama in the band. I would want to show you off. I would hope you would have me around your arm, with everyone looking at us and maybe wanting us or wanting to be us but we are for each other, the music, and whatever creative adventures life throws at us. I would have listened to everything in life you've ever been angry about. I would tell you silly little jokes or thoughts I would say out loud, but I keep them back because I feel odd sometimes. We would have gone grocery shopping for healthy meals and cooked them together and then after sharing some bowls, we would've gotten the munchies and gone to the little corner store. We could have made each other better. If I've grown so much, I'm sure you have too.