misogyny isn't sexy

Now is not the time to be sulky

I’m not looking back

To: her

I hope you know i haven’t forgotten about you i still think of you every day even tho i know i left without giving you a reason as to why i started to distance myself i still miss you no matter what

from: M


it’s me b and i do still think about you like all the time i think you should message me or request me on something instagram snapchat whatever but i need to know you still care


i don’t understand why i miss you. you were terrible to me, especially when i stood up for myself. i don’t understand why i want to reach out. why do i keep dreaming about you. ”it’s getting pathetic” as you’d say. i don’t understand why i want to tell you happy birthday. should i even tell you happy birthday ? will it just start an argument ? i don’t want to waste my breath if it’s going to ruin something. i didn’t mean for what happened to happen, you know that out of everyone. do i reach out ? do i tell you happy birthday? tell me what i should do

i think people who aren’t afraid to be alone is a good strength. relationships aren’t always What it seems. So enjoy yourself because that’s all you can be. Yeah.

Cool story.

I don’t see you as anything. Never did.

Maybe for the best.