To everyone reading this,

It's not too late to reach out. Maybe it will be an awkward conversation. Or maybe the connection you always wanted. But either way you won't be forever wondering, you can move closer or move on.


You need me and I need you.

We can play the avoid game, time game, wait game...

It all comes down to we complete each other

I'm sorry if it was late I realized that I like you too. When I first saw you,I felt like my soul had known you for years

I guess one way or another, we've all been inspired by a person.

I guess it takes just one to bring the poet out in us.

I hate how love turns people into stupid blobs of flesh making stupid decisions just for the sake of love. I hate how they ignore reason, practicality, and their own good. I hate how much they sacrifice. I hate how unreasonable and illogical it is. I hate the way people change because of love.

But at 2 A.M. in the silence of the night and the emptiness of my days, I crave for that very same love, wondering how it feels like.

To many of us on LTC

Days go by, weeks then months, and just like that years .... we don't or can't let our person know of how we truly feel.

We all have valid reasons to stay quiet. But don't let fear, lack of confidence or any assumptions be the reason.

With 2024 starting, be bold. Do something new, explore more, give people chances. Don't overthink. And if you can, let your person know how you feel. They may not feel the same in return and that's okay. Atleast you did your part and now you have a healthier way of moving forward.

It's pointless to carry all this burden into the new year.

May you all have a beautiful year ahead. ♡

May 2024 be filled with love and happiness. ♡

Happy 2024 ♡

You is smart.

You is kind.

You is important.

(And ravishingly sexy)

you are my first love, i saw you thoroughly and truly fell in love with every part. although i keep you at a distance, i will never forget the impact you’ve had in my life. thank you for existing.

everytime we look at each other, we smile and say hi. i wonder if you like me or just being nice. i wish i could tell how much i like you except i can't

When I think of you I always end up picturing a future where the two of us are together. We could have kids, maybe not. We could be thriving in the city or somewhere abroad. We could be living our wildest dreams or struggling to get by, either way, it's always me and you.

I wonder if you have the same thoughts if I live in your mind like you do in mine. I try to stop thinking of you, but I can't. I look forward to seeing you every day and dread the moment we part. I could spend the whole day with you doing nothing in particular and my heart would be beating non-stop.

Tragically for me, I don't think you will ever see me that way. Even if you did, the fates would be against our union. I know if you had to choose, I would not be the one you'd pick. Despite knowing that this is only a fantasy, I'll still think of this perfect dream.

i love you my golden pearl,


a fool who can't stop thinking about you.