you had me trying out new things I never had before just to catch your attention.

and maybe it didn't work out, but I guess you helped me find my love for a new passion. so I still won.

Very few things are guaranteed in life, one being that morning will come regardless and second being that just as morning comes, so does the memory of you.

I still like you, I'm just done chasing you.

I've never heard any music more enchanting than the hearty sound of your laugh. And I could never imagine any work of art more splendid than the bewitching skyward slant of your lips, and the niche way they curve upward.

If every simple letter I wrote to you would take your breath away, I would write it all.

I truly believe there is nothing humans could ever feel or create that is more earth-shattering than pure, reciprocal romantic love

Was it worth it to be happy for a little bit, even though it ended up sad, or would it have been better if the whole thing never happened?

The saddest part is when somebody gives you the best memory, becomes a memory

i hate this. i hate how my brain is wired to obsess over you. i hate how i wake up everyday and my first thought of the day is about you. i hate how my entire life revolves around you

but i love you. and that is enough for me to keep trying

i’ve moved on from him but i kinda miss the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I just miss missing him.

When we made eye contact, it held too much endearment for us to just be friends.