The right souls will find and meet each other at the right time and place. No matter how far they are now, if it is meant to be, it will be.

In an alternate universe, we met and fell effortlessly in love. There wasn’t any hesitation or fear. Just us.

Been a firm believer in not wanting kids and this dude comes barrelling into my life and is making me question everything. I didn't want to get married and yet I could see us doing exactly that. He would make such a good dad and I can't believe I'm at a point I would be happy to provide.

At some point I just stopped caring, not about you, but just something inside accepted that I could care about you and stop fighting to keep someone who wasn't meant for me.

I think I've finally accepted it. I no longer get that anxiety riddled adrenaline rush when I feel you slipping away. I guess I'm okay with you moving on knowing that.

No bad blood, no sadness, no nothing.

I guess sometimes, it is possible to free your heart from heartache and grief.

god help me, i am so in love with you. it's like there is nothing else. no needs no desires or memories that are not of you, no reality outside the regret of not being able to witness every single second of your existence in this world. it's violent, what it does to me to be so far away from you. i sometimes hope it's the same for you. but sometimes i hope you are happy and thoughtless, just occasionally feeling lucky for having met me, at peace with the fact that we are and must be apart, that nothing can ever fill the physical space that separates us. it should be reassuring for me too, except i find it hard to breathe, and like water, you drip deep into my every thought and you get stuck. i get stuck. and i feel myself rotting.

i want to close my eyes and sleep through winter. through the end that is going to come for you and i. wake up feeling refreshed, forgetful.

like after you've had a nice dream you can't really remember

Things to remember:

It's not that they don't understand you, it's that they refuse to.

Anyone can hear you, but that doesn't mean they're listening. find someone who's willing to listen.

Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words.

Their absence either show's you how better off you are without them, or how much you care about them.

Only chase at the same level that they exchange. if they put more effort, you follow suit.

Relationships should be an equal give and take.

Never change yourself to match their ideologies, if they need to change you, their with the wrong person, same goes to you.

Someone who loves you, accepts you for you.

A lot of things can be fixed if we were open with out emotions and spoke about it.

Your boundaries aren't less valuable than the person.

And there's many more.

Silence hurts. Alot.

But that's the thing with unconditional love. I will love you even at your worst. I will be here when you're ready.

But i can't lie and say that i don't want to have a conversation. A stress free one. I want to talk to you. I want you to ask "How was your day?" and i will ramble about whatevers on my mind. And we wouldn't have to deal with this.

I want to be your friend.

Silence hurts

I wish you knew that there is love inside of you. And i can feel it. Love finds itself in the simplest things, in many different ways. I wish that was enough to make you confident in your feelings.

Have you ever felt love this tender?

When he smiles, I melt. I want to wake up to that smile forever.

I hate that you‘re gorgeous. And that you look so damn good in every you wear. I hate that you have the cutest smile, and the most electrifying sense of humor. I hate that you are smart and charismatic. I hate that you haven’t moved away. And I hate that I want you.

And I think the thing I hate the most I that I’m so close to loving you, it hurts.

P.S. (You looked absolutely beautiful today)