Just once, I want someone to fall in love with me.

You keep hurting yourself by remembering every detail of me through these posts you keep writing. I agree with you that i will never know how much you miss me and how much you love me.

You shoudn't have fallen in love with me baby. Our story is a tragedy.

You didn't let me go, maybe you don't want to. But you know deep down that you need to let me go. You know how much you hurt me and why it is over for me.

I can still see your eyes. Sometimes i feel you. Last night I dreamt of you.

Even though i love you and miss you...it's over.

I tried to forget you, but that only made me think of you more.

Having to pretend day in and day out that I'm perfectly fine and happy is wearing on me. I am in love with someone in secret that I can never have and who doesn't love me back. Hell, I haven't had any contact with her in so very long but she's in my thoughts when I'm awake and she is sometimes in my dreams. I'm depressed, anxious, feeling like a failure in my career, have so few friends and feel like an outsider with my peers. I can't open up to my loved ones about any of this. Either they don't understand, don't seem to care or both. Some have made fun of me, some have judged harshly and some just tell me that absolutely worthless advice of "just cheer up, you're being melodramatic." What am I supposed to do when there's no one to turn to for help? So I suffer in silence, put on a smiling face and hide once in awhile to let the tears flow.

"She probably had a crush on me, too. Why else would she look at me like that so much?"

One of many lies I've been telling myself about you. :(

"With the time i waste on the life i never had

I could've turned myself into a better man"


I’ve never before you seen a woman being at the same time so bright, so resourceful, so mature and then not just “for her age”, so cultivated, so humble, so strong, so clear-eyed about everything, so beautiful a person - and so sizzlingly, scorchingly hot.

I love you.. I wish I never met you

You’re soooo hot. My screen might as well have been on fire. And then of course there’s everything else - you’re brighter than bright, you’re knowledgeable, you’re funny, you’re resourceful. You’re a woman in full and just a generally amazing person. Which compounds your hotness. Now if only I could unlike you.

You have said my name, to me, only a handful of times.

I turn each one over in my head and savor the sound of it.