when he smiled at me, all the love songs made sense

The main thing that keeps me on this website since I was 14 years old is that there are some really good treasure trove letters on here that actually give hope that true and real love still exists in this world. Happy endings. People who fight for each other. That real men are still out there who would choose to love and commit to one woman for a lifetime. I honestly almost gave up hope on that fairytale sh*t because I've been hurt so many times. I get tired. But rereading those letters gives me hope that if my vocation turns out to be marriage, then some guy must exist out there who will actually choose me one day. Even if it takes a long time. I'm willing to wait and I'm going to wait. For now, I'm done chasing after guys who don't even care to choose me. I deserve better.

Its funny reading past letters on here because if you ever found this place you’d soon come to realise what I told you was true. I liked you, still like you because you are you. You made me feel like I belonged, you made me feel like I could do anything.

You made me believe in happiness, whenever you were around I felt at peace and I felt warmth, for the first time ever I could actually imagine having a future and I wanted to share it with you. I knew you weren’t perfect, nobody is perfect, you were annoying somedays and frankly I disagreed with somethings you said but that’s called being human.

My feelings were never play pretend, my feelings weren’t a joke, my feelings weren’t based off of the things other people were saying. It wasn’t how you looked, it wasn’t how much you had in your account, it wasn’t your status, it wasn’t your age it was simply you and your personality.

I want to fall in love again. I want to feel the butterflies, the love, the lust, the passion, the happiness, The addiction all of that. I want all of that with somebody new.

One of my favourite love stories is the one about the sun and the moon.

Legend says that the moon and the sun have always been in love, but they could never be together. It's a story about how the sun died every night just to let the moon breathe and in turn, the sun shines everyday to reflect the moons love for her.

It was a forbidden love, one that most could relate to... loving from afar, because you know it's better for the both of you. You never stop caring for them, but you know it was for the best.

Your existence made a difference to have something to look forward to in the morning.

Hey everyone, 

If no one said something good to you or you feel like today is not your day,

I just wanted to let you know,

This is just a bad day, not a bad life.

You did your best, and I am truly proud of it.

I know sometimes we feel like, Why can't we do better? or Why can't I be like others?

Hey, it's just a phase.

I believe in you!

You might be heartbroken, or you feel like someone makes fun of you. , 

Let them be, you will be fine.

If you've got something to vent about but don't want to disturb anyone, put all of your bad feelings in the comment. This is your safe space.

Not my first imaginationship but this one hurts like hell and has gone on entirely too long with no end in sight. ?

Our 7 billion population eventually grew to 8 billion and despite of this fact, I still yearn for you. The you who would tell me about your day, the you who always made me feel enough, and the you who was always there for me. I yearn for the "us" that never happened. I yearn for the love that never blossomed. I yearn for you..

I would just stare at the wall into nothingness and then without even realizing I had spent an entire hour thinking up scenarios with you.