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1000 letters.

Can we please go back to the point where we smiled at each like we both knew that's the right kinda thing to pursue?

Do I really need to spell it out to get closure? Wasn't my behavior obvious enough?



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You are no where to be seen, not in RL nor online. its all her, right? She's your world, the love of your life. Why will anyone else ever matter to you.

This post is a reminder to self. Im just someone he used to know

Stranger things have happened.

i always felt like there was some kind of connection between us, unspoken of but... real (?)

and sometimes i even think you would be the only one to rlly understand me. and then i selfishly wish to be talking to you.

but then i get reminded of how much you wouldn't want that .

I don't want to wait. I want you now and for a lifetime. But if that's what you want, I will wait. You're worth every agonizing second of missing you

i had the most insane dream last night and i have to tell someone.

the guy my mom wants me to be with - the handsome college athlete whos studying to be a doctor - was an evil king wanting to banish me and you - the girl my mom almost excommunicated me from the family for being with and ripped me apart from - from the kingdom after he found out about our romance. you and i had to go on a long journey just to fight that law and gain acceptance in the kingdom. we found a little girl (i think she was an orphan but i don’t remember) and we took her in, and of course this further angered the king.

we ended up making it through the hard journey against adversity , unlike real life. so the dream made me happy and sad at the same time. this was something out of a movie. sigh

desire is the root of all suffering