me from two years ago is jumping up and down and squealing

scratch that

me right now is jumping up and down and squealing

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

Great work, champ 👍

  • op
one month ago

Thanks anon. I've been crazy about him forever, even though we were just friends. So much has happened in two weeks it still feels like I'm dreaming....

I hope you and everyone here gets to feel like this too

  • anonymous lover
one month ago


  • Awkward Nerd
one month ago

Glad things worked out for you! I wish you guys the best and hope you'll be happy! Good luck! :D

  • anonymous lover
19 days ago

cutest thing ever 😭

  • ai
18 days ago

I wish that happened to me. But Im so hapy for you!!!!

  • TB
18 days ago

I'm so happy for you. I hope me and my crush will be together in the future.

  • anonymous lover
14 days ago


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