We called it off mutually. But I should’ve been entirely honest with you. I should have told you that I like you so much, but I have to figure things out right now. Instead, I acted as though I wasn’t all that into you afterall (or I feel like I came across that way) and I’m sorry. I still have a lot of feelings for you and I don’t know if you still like me, but either way, I just hope that the universe allows our journeys to cross again. Hopefully at a time when you and I are more sure of ourselves and our lives.

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  • I know
7 months ago

I know. Love ya and hate you forever. Yin And Yang. I regret nothing. It was strange and unsettling. You don't have to say anything. Just listen to that song from Tarzan. You'll be in my heart.

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

This is exactly my situation right now.

  • Anon
6 months ago

Literally my situation...or was. Things have died down a bit.

Initials A.D.?

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