I'm back here after about 3-4 years of not writing here. I remember full well why I wrote and for whom, and how much I longed for the day when we would be together.

It didn't happen. And it made me feel like I'm unlovable and that I'll never find it.

I wanted to tell you that something far, far better did happen. I fell in love guys, I fell in love when I wasn't looking for it and he wasn't looking for it. I fell in love with the most incredible man, who I consider to be a gift every day for the wonder he is and the magic he holds in his slight, slim shape. I fell in love with every bit of him, one day at a time because I opened my heart to the world, and didn't let it be the closed little home of someone that didn't care for it.

I opened my heart to love itself, to feeling it and living it and being it. Just feel it, guys, please. For the sake of every single day you felt your heart break again, do it. Love heals it, guys, it really does. Just let your mind and body invite it in.

Now after almost two years together with this unending love of mine, this rock of goodness and understanding, and complete enveloping feelings, I only want to ask you to please look for love within people, not specific people within love.

There's no better feeling in the universe.


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  • anonymous lover
8 months ago


  • untamed flame
8 months ago

Thank you for this. <3

  • g
6 months ago

thank you <3

  • anonymous lover
6 months ago

I'm legit tearing up

  • R.k.
6 months ago


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