here's a future to think about.

we own an apartment somewhere. we paint the walls pink and yellow and hang flowers across the mantle of the fireplace, building windowbeds of daisies and succulents. little radios play music-box tunes every evening after work. bean bags are scattered everywhere and i write sitting in one of them every single night. we own a little dog named ricky and a pensive kitten named estebon. you call them rick and bonnie. the apartment always smells of vanilla and the mist of the dew across our flowers. we call my mom every night to check up. i live with my best friend. i'm still in love.

maybe. if you're up for it.

you know i am

- Me

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  • anonymous lover
one month ago

This sounds wonderful. Yes please

  • Just Me
one month ago

Wow... 👌🏾

  • untamed flame
20 days ago

Love this

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