stop appropriating my feelings for you, stop telling me that you do what you do because you like me. you don't like someone and then do what you constantly do to me. you blame me, you shame me, you make me feel as if i can't trust my own judgment or my instincts when it comes to you. i never know if i'm being too harsh and not considerate of your feelings or if i'm actually right even though deep down i feel i am because you don't like someone and then make sure they feel as if there's no place on earth for them. god, one thing is to fuck up and not be able to fix it, but another is to torture me mentally and justify it as love. and i'm so mad and frustrated so fuck you. fuck you for not letting me move on, fuck you for offering me conclusion and then taking it away from me after i was finally getting better and taking care of myself. fuck you for telling me you like me when you know damn well you don't and what that does to me and fuck you for spending the weekend with another girl while after you said it. literally fuck you for saying we can talk later but you won't now because you're with her. fuck you for using your family as an excuse for all the shit you've been doing. fuck you.

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