If you don't tell them

They'll never know

They might need to know

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  • anonymous lover
11 days ago

is this a sign? :3

  • She knows but she doesn't care
11 days ago

  • S
11 days ago


I was madly in love with this guy but kept chickening out every time I thought of telling him. One day I was dead set on doing it. Rehearsed it in my head and all. But he was nowhere to be found. No one knew where he was. Went missing for weeks. Then they found him. He was murdered by his so called best friend. They beat him in the head with a baseball bat and set him on fire. I’ve been fucked up since. It’s been 2 years already and I still think of him everyday…he was going through it in the end. Losing friends, isolating himself. I wish I got the chance to tell him. I wish I got to show him that someone who actually gave a shit was in his corner. I loved him so much…

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