Had a bad day. Felt like a disappointment. I don’t know why you came to my mind. Maybe cus I missed u or maybe you are coming to my mind when I have a bad day. I just feel the emptines you have left on bad days the most I think. I have been looking for a song that describes us,or should I say me, for a long time now. While you just share all tons of them for god knows who. I kinda deleted my socials a while ago. And today I downloaded one of them again just to see you didn’t even send me a message or something. This fucking hope u gave me kills me. 

I thought all the hope left my mind until today. I just thought everything would go away after a while. Time heals everything. Does it? Well it has been a while.

I think I saw u today. U were in the bus passing me like u always did. This time u didn’t notice me. You would act like you didn’t anyways. 

I am sad today. It is actually nice to be able to say it. I don’t need you right now. I know got lost a little but I also know I am able to get up. But I can’t explain how much it would be easier if u were here. I know it is selfish but you said you wanted to stay friends too. But also, nothing you said feels like you meant it anymore.  

Anyways. Sweet dreams. 

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