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I know who you are. I'm not running. You're worth it. I lost my heart to you a long time ago. So there is no turning back.

after 8 years, i finally got what i wanted. what you said you also wanted. we had a night of intimacy together, and i'm not talking about sex. 

we just... let each other say what we already know without saying it. we let our hands explore what we never had. i think my fingertips memorized the perfect curve of your collar bone. the structure of your face... the texture of your hair. and now? should we not have done that? should my lips never have felt what yours could do?

i would do anything to live in that one night forever. but we let it get in the way of our friendship.. and nothing could make this worse. if we went on pretending we didn't want that to happen then we'd still be stuck in that horrible in between of not knowing... and that sucked. on the other hand, now that we both know what we feel.... can we still talk? please, i just miss you. i need you in my life. in any way that you'll let me have you.

i am so bored. waiting for my person to come. where the heck r u

I'm so fucking sick of not being good enough

- Olivia

It's so funny how quickly a man can turn around and stab you in the back as soon as you say something out of turn. No amount of apologizing will work. Hell, maybe he just got me into this dumb online relationship just to fuck with my head. He didn't want to tell his friends or his family about me, so who the fuck knows? I'm so angry at the world right now. Everyone's so sensitive and stuck up. I'm so sick of it.

- Olivia

When your crush makes you get tinder and starts trying to help you get dates...

I don't think anything is more frustrating.

What is worse is that he also got tinder, and he got less matches then me and expects that to mean that he is ugly like BOY WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT???

How I'm gonna keep from falling in love with you when you laugh with me like that, the universe be on that bullshit again.

stop talking that blablabla girl.

I've finally found a man whom I had always dreamed about. The kind that Nicholas Sparks writes about.

You'll never know how special you are to me.