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I guess I'm bored? You're pretty, and play piano.

Do you know how hard it is to love someone in silence? The strength it takes to resist? I would never want this for anybody. If you try and show love they lash at you so you stay in a hidden corner and love them from afar. What an experience. Life.

2/half years and I still want you loooool

I used to long for you and adore you. 

Now when you reach out I just ignore you.

It's the good morning texts that mean the most after such an intense talk.


Your body is a beautiful musical instrument that is sight to awe and a pleasure to play. 

A instrument that is holy and is to be played with the utmost tender curiosity with my fingers that yearn to demonstrate my exotic creativity, my sensual imagination, and my darkest of desires.

To periodically produce romantic low notes and dramatic high notes, combining them to finesse a harmony of bliss and agony.

A melody that will stick with you through countless reincarnations.

The Chem Prince


I want to see you, hear you, talk to you, know You.

Still very feisty. 

Meow ?

I remember us so vividly. I remember the time when your roommates were were home and I really needed to go and do a number two yet, I didn't want to go because you could hear when the .. ahem fell into the water. You laughed so hard, I remember it so well but afterall the teasing that girl's don't poop, you told me to just get a bunch of toilet paper and place it in the bowl first.

Lol, of all the things I could have remembered today, this came into my mind.