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1000 letters.

You were chasing loneliness and I was chasing you. You were kissing your emptiness and I was pulling you through.

We could’ve grown up and glo’d up together but you had to be a fucking idiot.


101 On Childish Behavior


Anyone else irrationally terrified that the person they are writing to/about may find their letter and realize things?

Your “ yes i gotta go love you ” has never left my mind

What is happening. It was weird that he was into the same things as me or that we just so happened to be listening to the same old song on the same day or that we like the same weird flavor milkshake or that we once showed up to work practically wearing the same outfit. I find out today that we have an odd quirk in common. This is getting weirder.

Am I....wanting to do the dirty dirty with your brother?

Sure, I've momentarily been through your cousin.

Shoot, let's make it happen!

I can be a regular for the fam.

And this time!


I can participate!

He isn't as skinny as grasshoper.

So it'd work itself out.

Metaphorically and quite literally.



If you manipulate him into destroying his dreams so you can have safety, I have nothing but the most profound sadness for your soul.

You have to be clinging to nothing, insecure and terrified of abandonment to enact such destruction on the one you claim to Love.

But thy knew once was enough and never more.

Not even South Carolina born and raised, hamburger flippin', charmed watchin', nearly-convicted by my dearest father as a pedo.

Literally ripped the cover off at 3 a.m. and I cried while he read outload what my 14 year old self knew to write.

Said it was disgusting and an abomination.

Preachers little girl, no more.

The tragedy of it all.

But life is funny.

So is nonexistent coincidences.