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Why do we waste all of our years on people that never cared about us only treated us badly until one day we wake ourself up.

pls just realize how perfect both of us could be. at least see the potential. thats all i ask.

yesterday we laughed and joked and smiled about having a relationship.

everyone else seems to think we do. except you.

it wasn't a joke to me.

I wish I got noticed, noticed by the ones that I like and be called beautiful for once instead of being called by them ugly, a freak, unusual, an oddball.

I’m not a freak, I struggle with people therefore I cowardly smile and freeze up when I’m trying to talk to someone I find attractive.

So If I freeze in front of you like a rabbit in the car lights and go 'Err-erm', before extending what I was going to say and completely stuttering over all the words that escape my mouth. Then congratulations, I find you 100% attractive and I’m not even lying ... 100% ... even if you don’t think you are.

However, knowing my luck I’ll smile and you’ll shout UGLY. I’ve got a good heart, I know I’ve made some awful-awful mistakes that I regret from my past, but if somebody ever fell for me truly without the manipulation part...

(Metaphorically) I would hold their heart gracefully in my hands as if it was a glass ornament.

But that’s only in my dream world, unless I am blind.

My wishes.

1. Riches

2. Happiness

3. House

4 a vechile

5. Faithful man.

6. take my sick mom too a good doctor for a cure.

7. I need a Miracle





I want all of that in my soup 🍜

how do you just fall out of love with me without changing the way you treated me? I keep going back to find signs but I come up empty. You acted the same, told me you loved me, made plans with me...and then 24 hours later it was over. I'm still struggling to understand.

Not Allowed - TV Girl

There is no f***ing way you listen to that Greatest Hits by The Police disk more than I would have. Give that shit back now and then f*** me

I like you, a lot. Given the current circumstances, I will not admit my feelings.